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Hp Lubes is the official distributor of Castrol lubricants, Donaldson filters and Pirtek hydraulic hose products. We are an ISO certified company with a Quality Management System and an Environmental Management System certificate.

In those years we have made great strides in lubrication technology, providing the best engine protection. We are proud engineers of the GTX family with superior sludge protection. Our synthetic oil range includes Edge which is Boosted with Titanium FST Fluid strength and Magnatec that has intelligent Molecules that cling on to the critical parts of the engine even when it is switched off giving your car superior protection throughout. Recently added to our Zimbabwe market product range, is Transmax CVT for Continuously Variable Transmission gear boxes.

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High Performance Lubes

6 Barking Road Willowvale Harare ZimbabweHarare +26377 222 6994/5/7 sales@castrol.co.zw http://www.hplubescastrol.co.zw

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